“We will support our dedicated energy workers, provide certainty, and have an orderly retirement process. This innovative framework facilitates action and reinvestment at our downstate Illinois plant sites, ensuring they can remain the economic engines for decades to come, providing a responsible and just transition for plant communities,” Curt Morgan, chief executive officer of Vistra.

The Build-out of Renewables (2022 – 2025) will:

Create ~2,200 Total Full-Time Job Equivalents Across Illinois

Generate $180+ Million in Total Earnings for Workers

$300 M

Add $300 Million to the State’s Economic Output

Analysis of Dr. David Loomis of Strategic Economic Research, LLC, March 2021

A Just Transition: Good For Energy Workers, The Economy & The Environment

The Coal to Solar & Energy Storage Initiative helps facilitate a Just Transition for energy workers and plant communities. Coal to Solar is good for the environment, plant communities, consumers, and Illinois’ economy.

Vistra is committed to advancing Illinois and responsibly retiring its legacy coal fleet and supporting workers impacted by the transition:

  • Vistra will honor all its commitments on wages, benefits, and health care outlined in the plant’s local collective bargaining agreement as the plants operate.

  • Vistra provides up to $10,000 annually in tuition assistance, paid upfront to workers to take classes or training of their choosing. Active plant employees would have access to this benefit before a plant retires.

  • Once a plant retirement date is known, Vistra will enter into Effects Bargaining with its employee groups consistent with National Labor Relations Board standards to reach a comprehensive agreement that treats workers fairly.

  • A retired coal power plant has practically no taxable value. Reusing plant sites and transforming them into renewable energy centers creates a “renewed” tax base that is an estimated ~350-400% more than current land-only assessments. 

  • Since 2019, Vistra has retired or announced the retirement of six Illinois coal plants prior to or by the end of 2022. Every plant closure treated workers with dignity and respect.


Vistra has taken aggressive action to reduce its carbon footprint in Illinois. Emissions from plants at the nine-site ‘Coal to Solar’ eligible fleet were reduced by 56% / 20,221,214 mT in just two years.

After the Edwards & Joppa plant retirements in 2022, emissions will have been reduced by an estimated 77% / 27,442,027 mT from 2018 baseline. Vistra has committed all coal-fueled plants will retire no later than 2027.

After all coal-fueled retirements, in-state fleet emissions will have been reduced by 92% from the 2018 baseline level.