The Pulaski County Board will soon begin consideration of a proposed Pulaski Solar 405-megawatt (MW) utility-scale solar power plant. Construction and operation of the energy center will unlock tremendous fiscal and economic benefits for the region.

Pulaski Solar, LLC and Vistra Corp., the proposed developer and operator of the facility has submitted a detailed application, which is under review by the County and third-party experts. After the Pulaski County Board completes its analysis, they are expected to formally consider the project later this spring.

While the County does not have a Zoning Ordinance, and the project has the support of participating landowners, the County is reviewing how the development will comply with state and local standards

$650 Million invested in Pulaski County to build 405 MW Solar Power Plant

Building Phase Supports 1,300+ Total Direct, Indirect & Induced Full-Time Jobs Across Illinois

Construction Provides $117 Million in Earnings for In-State Workers 

$57 Million in New Property Taxes From Plant to Local Governments

The Pulaski Solar project is proposed south of the Village of Karnak, at the eastern boundary of Pulaski County. The project is to the north of Tick Ridge Road.

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Key Document Library:

Pulaski County Board Meeting

Pulaski Solar, LLC and Vistra Corp., the proposed developer and operator of a 405-megawatt solar power plant will present its proposal to the Pulaski County Board in April:

Tuesday, April 9  2024
5 – 10  p.m.
Shawnee Community College
Auditorium/Education Center
8364 Shawnee College Road, Ullin, IL 62992
(The public hearing will extend to additional dates if needed)


Pulaski Solar is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to drive a $650 million investment in the county to build a solar power plant. The facility’s construction is estimated to create numerous economic benefits including supporting 1,300 in-state jobs and generate over $117 million in income for Illinois workers.

With the addition of Pulaski Solar, the total assessed value of property in Pulaski County will increase by 75%. Approval of the proposed plant will unlock $57 million in new property taxes that can support local public services, assist in infrastructure investments or reduce the tax burden of other county property owners.

While in operation, the acreage used by the solar power plant will be in passive conservation. Pre-existing contractual agreements with landowners and the State of Illinois require the project to be responsibly decommissioned and the land to be returned to its prior condition upon the power plant’s retirement.