Oct. 2, 2017 – The Journal-News – Will Proposed Rule Change Disadvantage Clean Plants?

An online story published Wednesday, Sept. 27, by Midwest Energy News claims that new proposed Illinois Environmental Protection Agency rules may lead to the closure of clean power plants like Coffeen, but Dynegy officials claim those speculations are premature.

“Any speculation about a specific plant is just that–speculation,” Dynegy vice president of regulatory affairs Dean Ellis told The Journal-News via phone interview from his office in Houston on Friday.  “Our goal is to operate our cleanest, most efficient plants.”

Under the Multi-Pollutant Standard (MPS) rules enacted in 2006, Dynegy plants have to meet a certain rate of average sulfur dioxide emissions per amount of energy produced, meaning that running power plants like Coffeen–lauded as perhaps the cleanest coal-fired plant in the world–help balance the emissions of other plants.

Ellis said that since Dynegy has acquired power plants from various previous owners, those percentages are different for different groups of producers. The proposed rule change would remove the “rate based” emissions restrictions and instead place all eight Dynegy plants in Illinois under one total emissions “hard cap.” visit us for more information about full story..

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