May 5, 2017 – Utility Dive

Capacity prices plummeted in MISO’s most recent capacity auction, falling to $1.50/MW-day. Last year capacity prices in six of MISO’s 10 zones hit $72/MW-day, including in Zone 4, which includes southern Illinois….

On Monday, Dynegy CEO Bob Flexon told a FERC technical conference that coal generation in Zone 4 would “vanish” if the nuclear subsidies continue. In a later interview with Crain’s, he said the company would make a decision in the coming months on whehter it will continue to have a presence in the region.

Last year, Dynegy said it decided to close its plants after they “failed to recover their basic operating costs in the most recent MISO capacity auction.” The move followed an earlier decision to shut its 465 MW Wood River station in June for similar reasons.

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