Sep. 28, 2017 – Bloomberg BNA – Illinois Floats Emissions Rule Changes for Dynegy Coal Plants

…The state Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to amend its Multi-Pollutant Standard, or MPS, which establishes control requirements for nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and mercury emissions from coal-fired electric generating units. 

Currently those plants are subject to average fleet-wide emissions limits only for nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. The proposal would impose a cap on emissions from Illinois coal-fired power plants for the first time, Illinois EPA Director Alec Messina said in a statement sent to Bloomberg BNA.

“[T]hese new tonnage limits are considerably lower than what the units are now allowed to emit based on emission rates that are contained in the MPS as it now exists,” Messina said.

The proposal—which could be issued as early as the week of Oct. 2—would set an annual cap of 25,000 tons for nitrogen oxides and 55,000 tons for sulfur dioxide from the affected plants.

The proposal will better align state and federal environmental regulatory regimes and force Dynegy to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions at its Illinois coal-fired fleet by more than 20 percent, Dynegy spokesman David Byford told Bloomberg BNA in an email…visit us for more information. read from Bloomberg BNA. Full story of Illinois Floats Emissions Rule Changes for Dynegy Coal Plants from Bloomberg BNA.